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Super Playboy

Play this fun game with superhero. There are a planet somewhere in the universe, there was a man with great super powers. But he also a frivolous playboy. He had a beautiful girlfriend but he still like to cheated on her. One day, his girlfriend discover that he was hanging out with another girl, she was very angry and she use her super power to sent him to Earth in Medieval Era.

Left/Right arrow keys = walk then run. Up key = jump (fly when running). Down key = duck (defense position). Hold Up then Down key (while in air) = drop yourself to do an earthquake. A = bounce back arrows and rocks. S = hit (swirl while running, uppercut while ducking). D = grab barrels (release to throw). Shift (while running or flying) = crush attack. Grab special bonus hidden in barrels (tornado and rage mode, life and energy points).

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